Unmistakably Vermont, but with a story all its own. We’ve taken the cornerstones of the East Burke community and carved out a four-season adventure hub for generations of people and possibilities. Experience the elements of Vermont at the new ski-in / ski-out, Burke Mountain Hotel & Conference Center.

You will find gracious hosts in every nook and corner of the Burke Area making you feel at home during your stay in the beautiful Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. The untouched beauty will be just outside your door step awaiting your days' adventure.


We will be introducing wave starts in an effort to improve athlete experience and reduce rider congestion! This positioning will be self-directed with the exception of the first corral. The first corral is limited to previous top ten finishers and riders with current UCI ranking.

The Masochists: For those that love to suffer – If you did not receive a fur bib please refrain from lining up in this corral.

The Mullet Posse: Business in the front, party in the back -Estimated 2-3 Hour Finish Time

The Ehhh Crowd: Not sure where to line up? Ehh here is good. Estimated 3-4 Hour Finish Time

The Feedzone Cartel: In this for each and every feed zone. Estimated 4-5 Hour Finish Time

The Broomwagon Grand Marshalls: No definition necessary. Estimated 5+ Hour Finish Time

Riders must line up in corrals by 8:45 am.

At the sound of the starting gun, riders will follow the escort for a neutral start. Please maintain your starting position - no passing. Once riders have reached the intersection of the Burke Hollow/DarlingHill Road, the all-out race begins.


We will supply you with a race plate for the handle bars of your bike. Timing chips are attached to the back of your number plate. Numbers must be visible at all times. Please do not cut or fold your race number.


While we don’t like to consider it, some racers will not finish the race. If you drop out at an aid station, you must surrender your timing chip to a race official and tell them you are dropping out. If you decide to drop out between aid stations, you must report to the nearest aid station or the finish line and inform a race official that you have dropped out. Under no circumstances should you leave the race without first surrendering your timing chip. If you are unable to continue for any reason, stay on the marked course and inform other riders that you are in need of aid.

Should you be unable to complete the course,  a broomwagon will follow riders and pick up those unable to finish. You must surrender your timing chip to the broomwagon driver and tell them you are dropping out. Once a ride is accepted from the broomwagon you cannot return to the race.  Under no circumstances should you leave the race without first surrendering your timing chip. If you are unable to continue for any reason, stay on the marked course and inform other riders that you are in need of aid.

If you are passed by the broomwagon, you are riding outside the race and its protection.  Your timing chip will need to be surrender to the broomwagon driver. Once you are out of the race, should you continue to ride the course you are required to obey all traffic laws of the State of Vermont.


We, (ORGANIZERS, SPONSORS, VOLUNTEERS), are not responsible for your safety or injury.  Roads are still open to traffic and all riders should exercise caution and adhere to traffic laws. 

This is a bicycle race. All people, all bicycles welcome. “Bicycle” is defined as “a vehicle consisting of a frame mounted on two wheels one behind the other, and having a seat, handlebars for steering, two hand-operated brakes, and propelled by the operator via two pedals connected to the rear wheel by a chain or belt. Mountain, Gravel, Cyclocross, Road, and Tandems are allowed. You may only advance on course by means of bicycle or foot. Participants must start and finish on the same bicycle. No tri bars or aero bars allowed. No coaster style brakes.

All roads are open to public traffic. For your safety, it is imperative that you be constantly aware of your surroundings. Therefore, headphones/earbuds are strictly forbidden.

Outside support is not allowed. Participants may help other participants with mechanical support, navigational assistance, or by any other means. Participants may also receive “neutral” assistance from residents or volunteers along the route. “Neutral” is defined as support that is freely offered equally to ALL event participants, and is done so from a stationary, non-moveable location.

Participants must at all times wear a properly approved helmet while operating their bicycle. Any absence of a helmet at the start will result in removal from the race.

Ride on the right side of the road.  During the course of the event, you are allowed to ride more than 2 abreast in a single lane of travel. You are NOT allowed to cross over into the other lane of traffic.  Travel in the lefthand lane is strictly prohibited.

Be courteous to traffic on the gravel road. Most roads are narrow which means you will not be given a normal 3 feet courteous distance by automobiles.  Try and ride signal file when cars go by.

We are not responsible for any tickets issued by local authorities for non-adherence to traffic laws.

Littering of any kind is not allowed.  Any witness to littering could result in removal from the race or inability to return to future events.  

Please respect land owners property along to course.  Should you need to pit stop, please do so privately and respectfully.  Please conduct yourself in a manner that will not discredit you or the event.

The primary race route must be followed at all times. No short cuts or alternate routes are permitted. Trespassing private property is not allowed and punishable by law. Course may only be navigated by bicycle or foot.  No acceptance of rides is permitted. If you exit the course for food, supplies or any other reason, you must re-enter in the same spot in which you left.

Race numbers must be worn at all times.

We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged equipment.

Any violations to the rules will result in disqualification or withdrawal from the race.