Two friends (Anthony Moccia and Heidi Myers) decided to create a gravel road race in the most untouched, remote section on Vermont known as the Northeast Kingdom.  It was really that simple.  We started with $50 in our pocket and a dream.  Today, the Rasputitsa Spring Classic has grown to be some of the best Vermont Gravel Road Races attracting riders from over thirty states, six provinces, and four countries.

We did this because we love bikes, and the race is nothing more than that passion.  We work hard to grow the cycling community through our actions and financial contributions.

More than anything we care about our racers.  We are at the finish line shaking hands.  We are constantly seeking their advice and input.  We ride with our racers.  We are small town, and we like it that way.

We are two families. Our children are our staff. We raise them to be the gatekeepers of all we do.


First and foremost, Rasputitsa is creating an unforgettable experience for their participants, and secondarily they’ve created a brand that’s driven by purpose.
— Zach Leighton, Tiger Creative

What We've Achieved

  • Best Cycling Event in the Northeast by Competitor Magazine

  • Mention in Sports Illustrated, "The rise of cycling's gravel grinders: Ruthless terrain, camaraderie and dirt"

  • Listed in "7 Challenging, Fun Spring Classics to Ride" by Bicycling Magazine

  • In 5 years, grown by over 350% in participants

  • Over $20,000 raised for Little Bellas

  • Mention on Global Cycling Network

  • Article published in Peloton Magazine