Big Red Gravel Run

Anyone familiar with the Rouge River area of Quebec might have some rafting experience under their life jacket.  At least for me it served as my first and laster whitewater rafting experience.  Those Class V rapids urged me to trade my yellow helmet for a more ventilated version and a two-wheeled vessel.



Aside from water navigation, the rural area located two hours northwest of Montreal also has an abundance of dense forests and sprawling gravel roads.  Subsequently, it is the picturesque home to the Big Red Gravel Run .

The Big Red Gravel Run is all about bike fanatics, beautiful landscapes, morning snacks, catered BBQ, craft beer and oh yeah, the option of a 50 or 130km gravel ride.  Most appealing, might just be the Braveheart Award which goes to a rider with an unforgettable story.  We are sure there will be many.