Spicoli's Doppelgänger, Anthony Clark

For those of you unable to attend the School of Rock ( a faux classroom setting with acting professors Ted King, Alison Tetrick, Jeremy Powers, Ansel Dickey, and Lyne Bessette), we re-enacted the infamous Spicoli Pizza Scene from Fast Times at Ridgemont High with Jeremy Powers as Mr. Hand, Alex Donahue as the Pizza Guy, and of course, Anthony Clark as Spicoli,

Anthony Clark, like Spicoli, is impervious to the typical cycling demeanor and stereotypes, and what we love and adore about Clark is he doesn't project not projecting arrogance or hatred.  His hugs are real.  His nature is genuine.  His "ride on" bravado is one that not only attracts and causes the desire to assimilate, but it allures even the youngest of fans to perceive coolness as qualities of self-respect.

Anthony Clark and fan

The story of Anthony Clark was best told on the SRAM website, "A Bicycling.com feature, headlined “Saved by the Bike,” tells of how Clark was wild and reckless with multiple trips to jail and wrecked cars before discovering cycling. A chance encounter with American cyclocross star Jeremy Powers (Rapha Focus) helped change the course of Clark’s life. Around 2009, Clark was wearing cut-off jeans and a t-shirt while riding a 30-pound bike with down-tube shifters. Powers, on a hard workout, passed by and gave his greeting. Clark, though, dug deep and kept pace. Impressed, Powers began to mentor Clark, who became part of the JAM Fund Cycling Team co-founded by Powers."

We also touched base with Jeremy Powers as we drafted this piece.  Jeremy shared with us a piece he wrote for Velo News in 2009.  He also walked us down memory lane recalling the early days with these gems.  Pssst. note the downtime shifters:)


This past year, before, he took the podium, Clark made one comment to us.  "I will still be doing Rasputitsa when I'm 70," Clark spoke through his infectious smile.  We hope so, Anthony.  We surely hope so.