Circumburke Mountain Bike or Trail Run Challenge

Just as winter starts to be the topic at the local general store, as our weekends are spent stacking firewood, and as our mornings depict hot coffee and a raised apple cider donut, we are reminded to take that last spin before winter unveils herself.  In our neck of the woods, that only means one thing: it's time for Circumburke.


In its 9th year, Circumburke unites a trifecta of mountain bike names in the East, Burke, Vermont area: Kingdom Trails Association, Victory Hill Sector,  and Burke Mountain Resort.  Together the combination of their singletrack and doubletrack trails take you over Burke Mountain to the wilds of Victory and back.  A total of 26.2 miles, this is a yearly opportunity to explore this backcountry route.

For those that think 26.2 miles is just not enough (we know you are out there), maybe the 52.4 mile option is more your speed.  The Circumberzerker Category allows you to do the route twice.  But beware, because this route is not for the faint of heart.  You WILL be challenged...


Fully supported with Aid Stations every 5ish miles, the event can be all out race pace or a late fall day exploring with friends.  That's your choice.  There is  food, beverages, live music and swag at the end to celebrate another beautiful day on the trails.  

Registration fee goes up on August 31st from $90 to $120 so sign up now!

Register at:

Join us for the ride/run or help us make the fun by volunteering.  Rasputitsa will be serving up fun and deliciousness and pumping out some tunes from our gravel-travel bus.

Volunteer at: