#fromwhereiride : Québec City


Everybody knows a nice quiet road to ride his/her bike close to home or work. As cyclists, we know these roads more than anyone. These are the routes we invite our friends to ride and have the most fun riding. The rides we can¹t get enough of and where time seems to fly (in less than 12 parsecs). Here is a little story about one of my local favorite rides and
how I heard about it.


Last year my friend David « nuclear-triathlete turned local cycling super-hero/activist/jedi » Maltais told me he had found a new local route close to his new workplace to ride. As a generous man, he decided to share this precious route with Team Gris*/Daddys Geoff, Nic and myself. The next thing I know the ride was already planned.

On the day of the ride we met at his workplace as a starting point. Once everybody was there David told us what we where getting into: a 80km ride combining more than 4 sections of gravel road on the south shore of Québec city. His superpowers combined with the presence of Team Gris told me this was going to be pretty epic.

After grinding gravel and eating Geoff¹s dust for about 60k I told myself:this is just perfect. Not eating dust but more the fact that David had ridden all local roads one by one to create this perfect combination of terrain, surface and views. A bit like the soup in the movie Ratatouille.
At 70k David and Geoff were probably thinking of Emperor Palpatine¹s quote "Now, young Skywalker, you will die." or maybe me and Nic just weren't ready for that level of cycling for a Wednesday after work after all. In the end we all had fun, nobody died and a new classic route was found.

*Team Gris (translates to grey team) is an unofficial (unsponsored) cycling team created with the basic values of cycling in mind: courage, adventure, speed and passion. Grey because it¹s plain cycling and nothing else.