A Fall from Grace or a Leap of Faith : Embracing Plant Based Wellness by Heidi Myers

Imagine waking in tears everyday for not apparent reason. Imagine your baseline being a state of anxiety. For the last three years, this has been my routine. As an individual with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease, I struggle with depression due to changes in brain chemistry that are caused by the disease itself. The same pathways that create dopamine in the brain — which are impacted in PD — also create the brain chemical serotonin, which regulates mood, appetite and sleep.

It took me at least a year to even admit this deficit of happiness to my husband. It took me another year of dosing large amounts of Zoloft to maintain some sense of normalcy, but though the prescription medicine stopped my tears, the residual effects included this overcoming tiredness, daily nausea, and a feeling that I was window shopping through life not actually living it myself.

Then last year, my friends Zander Ault and Heidi Rentz came to Rasputitsa with an offering of CBD brownies in the neo-hippie style we love them for. It’s not surprise that we alike vouch for all bikes, all people, and love hosting a good party.

It was from this moment on I started learning the benefits of plant-based wellness and was introduced to the Colorado based company, ONDA. Now I must be honest, I have little knowledge of the CBD market. I can only share with you the way they position their products in comparison with others. unlike many CBD oils on the market, ONDA promises:

  • the most nutrient-dense, CBD-rich hemp product on the market

  • an extraction process that doesn't use solvents or chemicals

  • whole plant based medicine

  • regenerative, organic farming practices

So I took a leap. I called my Parkinson’s specialist and voiced that I would be taking myself off of Zoloft. This wasn't a question. It was a statement. I took ownership of my well-being. I took ownership of my happiness knowing this could result in a fall from grace or a leap of faith.


Four months later, my window shopping days of life are retired. A smile has resurfaced. I am motivated to grow Rasputitsa into an events management company, and I am regularly taking CBD capsules. Maybe this won’t be for everyone. I’m no doctor, but I know considering and researching plant-based wellness regimens are worth the study. Own your wellness and happiness.