Groad Custom Collection

We’ve been pretty lucky. We resisted the traditional: money for logo placement sponsorship model. Instead, we’ve embraced this concept of partnerships with end results that are collaborative. You’ve seen this with Specialized and the custom-painted diverge, we raffle every year. Today, we are so proud to launch with Garneau, the Groad Custom Collection inspired by Rasputitsa rider feedback.

This is not the normal run-of-the-mill gravel collection. This is designed for cold, mud, soggy, miserable conditions (aka your normal spring classic or cough, cough Rasputitsa). In the spirit of gravel, it is fun with elements like an integrated bottle opener, but serious enough to attack the fiercest races or ride you have on your calendar this spring

Garneau describes it this way. Groad is the modern-day word for gravel roads, but we believe groad embodies a spirit of nostalgic rebellion from traditional ways. Our collection is founded on those principles. Features like an outer pocket on the thigh of bibs, vests with cutout backs, and attached bottle openers deviate from customary designs in cycling gear. So as you digress from the pavement, we offer a new breed of clothing that supports outdoor adventure.

It’s custom, friends. So imagine the kick-ass kits you could show-off in April. We will also be working on a Rasputitsa version for sale at the beginning of 2020.